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The next auction on forwarding the objects of cultural heritage in Moscow for tenancy


On July 11 the State Unitary Enterprise on Property Sales in Moscow run the auction on forwarding the objects of cultural heritage for tenancy.


The major conditions of forwarding objects for tenancy are:

  • Payment of rental fee indicated at the auction;
  • The auction winner arranges renovation for his costs. The amount of works is agreed with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow;
  • Upon renovation works termination the investor has the right to request recalculation of rental fee as 1 Rub. per sq. m. For the whole term of tenancy agreement (49 years).


The term of renovation works can’t exceed 5 years.

 With consideration of the initial auctions held in April 2012, per unit figure for buildings with the square from 705 to 1 160 sq. m. is in the range of 16 000 – 23 000 Rub. per sq. m. 

The building with the square 145,8 sq. m. was sold with per unit figure of almost 69 000 Rub. per sq. m. 


Information on the sites:


1.Site: "Residential house, 2-nd half of XIX century"

Address: Moscow, Pechatnikov per., 7

Building square: 145,8 sq. m.

Initial value: 1 080 000 Rub.

Finalvalue:10 007 000 Rub. (68 600 Rub. per sq. m.).


2.Site: City mansion having belonged to V. F. Kolesnikov, the Sargines and M. E. Shapatina (late XVIII  – early XX century)

Address: Moscow, Taganskaya pl, 88, building 1

Building square: 1 159,7 sq. m.

Initial value: 8 670 000 Rub.

Final value:19 118 000 Rub. (16 400 Rub. per sq. m.).

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Incomplete Business Center is Sold in Novosibirsk


The businessman from Novosibirsk purchased incomplete business center (Korel Business Center) from the company going bankrupt.

The building square – 10 000 sq. m.


The deal value is estimated at 100 000 000 Rubles (10 000 Rub. per sq. m.).


Such a low price is determined by the problems of linking the building to electric power networks and absence of parking space.

The new owner plans to complete the Business Center construction and manage it afterwards. First tenants could rent their offices in the Center next year.


The deal value if comparable to the sale of auto salon in Kazan, on Spartakovskaya St.

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The Logistical park of А class in Moscow Region is sold


The British Company Raven Russia closed the deal on purchasing Toros CJSC, which owns Pushkino Logistical park in Moscow Region.


The deal value is estimated at $215 000 000 (30 200 Rub. per sq. m.).


The deal is comparable to other sales of logistical and warehouse complexes in Moscow Region. 


Brief information on the site:

The park total square – 213 000 sq. m.;

The land plot square – 350 000 sq. m.;

Warehouses of A class;

Ceilings height - 12 m;

Column space - 12x24;

1 dock per 1,000 sq. m. of warehouse;

Bearing capacity of the floor – 6 tons per sq. m.;

Parking for trucks and passenger cars.


The rent of squares gives about $25 000 000 annually.

Major tenants - Auchan, DHL, Leroy Merlin

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The investment deal in Moscow Region. Twin Market Commercial Center is sold


The Twin Market Commercial Center in Odintsovo District, Moscow Region is sold to the group of private investors.


The Commercial Center total square – 8 600 sq. m. (consists of 2 buildings).

The land plot square – 9 859 sq. m.


The deal value is estimated at $9 500 000 (or 35 100 Rub. per sq. m. of improvements).

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Sale of "Gostiny Dvor" in Kronstadt with encumbrance as a long term tenancy agreement


On March 21 the St. Petersburg Property Foundation sold the building of Gostiny Dvor in Kronstand (Ul. Lenina, 16) at the auction.


The building total square – 6 694,7 sq. m.


The sale price was 201 mln.  Rubles (30 000 rubles per  sq. m). The plot and building are forwarded to long-term rental (rental agreement is valid until 12.09.2053, rental payment is not advanced).


The actual rate according to the contract — about $16 per 1 sq. m. annually (about 3 200 Rub. annually for the whole object).


Gostiny Dvor is the memorial of Federal Status. 


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal:


1. The important factor of purchase price formation is the encumbrance of long-term rental agreement.

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"Bakhrushin House" Business Center changes its owner one more time


The Finnish investment company “Sponda Plc.” purchased the "Bakhrushin House" Business Center building from UFG Real Estate Foundation for $47 000 000 (about 303 000 Rub. per sq. m.).

The Foundation Фондbecame the Business Center owner in June 2010 when it purchased it from Akron Group. That deal valued at $37 000 000 (about 207 000 Rub. per sq. m.).

Brief characteristics of "Bakhrushin House" Business Center:

Location: Moscow, Bakhrusin St., 32 building 1;

Total square: 5 078 sq. m.;

Floors: 6;

As of today the Center is rented to the full extent.

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Land plots for complex development for the purpose of residential construction in Moscow Region


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation held several tenders on sales of land plots for residential construction around Nakhabino settlement and the town of Mytishchi, Moscow Region.


Plots around Nakhabino, squares from 48 to 52 ha – the range of value per 1 sq. m. is 1 600 – 2 400 Rubles.

Plots in Mytishchi, squares from 4 to 17 ha – the range of value per 1 sq. m. is 2 800 – 5 200 Rubles.

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The Ministry of Defense beats next record



On May 31 the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation sold a nonresidential building in Moscow located at Gogolevsky Boulevard 7, building 1.

Total building square – 304,2 sq. m.

Land plot square – 515 sq. m.

The object most efficient use: for commercial function.


The sale value is 161.600.000  Rubles (531.200 Rubles per sq. m.).


The sale value is comparable to sold in 2010 Moscow building located at the address: Ul. Sdovaya-Kudrinskaya, 9, building 4, total square 45 sq. m. The value of 1 sq. m.  in this building was almost 600,000 Rubles.

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"Magnit" purchases commercial squares in Voronezh


The "Magnit"  retail network purchased the floor in "Atmosfera" commercial and entertainment center in Voronezh, total square over 3,000 sq. m.

The deal value is estimate dat the level of 100 – 150 mln. Rubles (the average figure of 41.600 Rubles per sq. m. is considered as “per unit” figure).


Brief characteristics of "Atmosfera" commercial and entertainment center:

Location: Voronezh, Ul. Fridriha Engelsa, 64а;

Total square: 34.500 sq. m.;

Floors: 10 levels (8 land levels);

Multi-level parking, land parking;


·         1-6 floors for commercial purpose;

·         7-8 floorsforoffices.


The price level corresponds to similar commercial spaces sales in other regions of Russia. 

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The space in downtown Novosibirsk is sold for 41,000,000 Rubles


The inbuilt premises in downtown Novosibirsk were sold at the auction on May 29, 2012.

The premises square – 183.5 sq. m.

The sale value was 41,371,000 Rubles (almost 226,000 Rubles per sq. m.) at the initial price of 23,671,000 Rubles.


Additional information:

The premises are former "Akademkniga" bookstore in downtown Novosibirsk. Positive aspects of the premises: no basement, "corner location", shop windows.

The payback period of investments is estimated not to be less than 8 years if the rental rate is 2.500 Rubles per sq. m.


The value level is comparable with other sales of inbuilt premises in downtown Novosibirsk. The value range per 1 sq. m. is 200,000 – 305,000 Rubles per sq. m.

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