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The share in Moscow Tire Plant is sold


The А1 Investment Company purchased 29.17% of voting shares of "Moscow Tire Plant" JSC. The Plant became bankrupt in March 2012.


There is no production any more. The Company owns real estate sites located on Sharikopodshipnikovskaya St., 11 (Moscow).

Aggregate square of constructions – 86 750.2 sq. m.


  • About 68 000 s. m. – Dubrovka commercial complex;
  • 7 000 sq. m. – business center of B class;
  • About 9 000 sq. m. – building for reconstruction.

The Company also owned 3 land plots of the total square of 7.4 ha forwarded for rent.


The market participants estimate the real estate’s total value at $130-150 mln.

The plant territory is good for constructing residential estate, offices and multi-functional complexes (MFC) if the city grants its permission.


It is known from open sources that А1 Company obtained the status of "Moscow Tire Plant" JSC creditor because it purchased the demand right for the major part of soured debt. 


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal:

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Sale of "Serebryannyi Gorod (Silver City)" Business Center in downtown Moscow


The deal on purchasing the Silver City Business Center located in the Central Borough of Moscow by O1 Properties Company was completed on August 15.

The deal value was $333 mln. (178 000 Rub. per sq. m. of the building).


This is the second purchase by O1 Properties Company in this month. In early August the Company purchased Ducat Place III Business Center.



Brief information on Silver City Business Center:

Address: Moscow, Serebryannicheskaya embankment., 29

Total square: 56 032 sq. m.

Floors: 9 (2 underground floors)

Construction year: 2007

Parking: the garage for 276 parking places is located on two underground floors; parking lots for 170 and 44 parking places are located under road junction in 10 m. from the building; the surface parking lot for 20 parking places is located on the adjacent territory.

Rental rate: from 22 000 to 29 000 Rub. per sq. m. annually.

Tenants: SUEK, Marsh Insurance Brokers, FESCO, Toyota Bank, AECOM, The Commercial Industrial bank of China, Lacoste, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Canon and others.


Additional information: 

In 2009 the former owner Evans Randall purchased this Business Center for 190 mln. Euro (135 000 Rub. per sq. m.)

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Sale of facilities for commercial purposes in Moscow Region


In recent time the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is pretty active in selling inbuilt facilities in Moscow Region (Podolsk, Noginsk, Balashikha).


The most efficient use of sites: use of facilities for commercial purposes or for providing services.


On July 25 the facility in Noginsk, total square 161 sq. m. was sold at the auction. The deal value increased almost twice as much from 12 300 000 Rub. to 20,070,000 Rub. (about 125,000 Rub. per sq. m.).


Other sales indicate pretty equable level of value:

  • For facilities with squares of 57- 95 sq. m. the value is in the range 46 000 –77 000 Rub. per sq. m.
  • For facilities with squares from 1,000 sq. m. the value per 1 sq. m. is in the range 31 000 – 44 000 Rub.

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Land sale for street retail in Moscow


The auction on sale of the right to complete the investment agreement for land plots was held in the Moscow Department for Competitive Policy.



On July 26 the land plot located at the address: Moscow, Michurinsky pr., block 39B, property 27, building 2, total square 100 sq. m. was sold at the auction.


The plot is planned for constructing an object of organizations of retail sales of food and non-food products location. 

The final value increased in almost 10 times and was estimated at 6 999 000 Rub. (69 990 000 Rub. per sq. m. of the land). 


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal: 

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The Hines Company sold its Business Center Ducat Place III


The Hines Company sold its Business Center Ducat Place III located in downtown Moscow at: Gashek Street, 6.

The deal value was $370 000 000( or 222 000 Rubper sq. m.).


The value range for business centers in operation located in downtown Moscow is 162 000 – 275 000 Rub. per sq. m.



Brief information on the Business Center Ducat Place III:

Total square: 50 000 sq. m.;

Rentable square: 33 000 sq. m.;

Class: А;

Floors: 14;

Three-level underground parking for 454 car/places;

Construction year: 2006;

Rental rate: from $750 per sq. m. annually;

Major tenants: Boston Consulting Group, Citibank, Clifford Chance, Conoco Phillips and Goldman Saks.

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Moscow sold its share of squares in Leningradskaya Hotel


On July 18 the Russian Auction House held the auction on the sale of 3/10 share in the right of the total proportional value in the nonresidential building of "Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel".

3/10 share stands for 7,723 sq. m. of squares not forwarded in reality.


The sale value – 1 083 000 000 Rub. (140 200 Rub. per sq. m.).


The Winner – the Hotel primary owner "SADKO HOTEL" JSC

 SOLD-ONLINE  comments on the deal:

If a share in a real estate object not forwarded in reality is purchased any independent investor will have to solve the issues related to actually occupied squares, engineering issues, common facilities use, etc. with the building co-owners. 

As a result, the building co-owners, who do not experience these kinds of risks have an objective economic advantage ahead of other market participants.


The real estate object’s market value is generally estimated at the level not lower than 200 000 Rub. per sq. m. (excluding VAT).


The deal initiated as a result of the object’s share sale comes to the level of 30%.



Brief information on "Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel":

Address: Moscow, Ul. Kalanchevskaya, 21/40

Total square: 25 744.10 sq. m.

Floors: 29

Class (*): 4 stars

Room capacity: 275 rooms

Construction year: 1955, last capital repair in 2008.

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Raven Russia purchased warehouse squares in Moscow Region


In July the British company Fleming Family and Partners sold its warehouse facilities in Sholokhovo warehouse complex.

Total square of  facilities: 45,237 sq. m.;


The deal value: $49 750 000 (or 1 492 000 000 Rub.);


Per unit figure: $1 100 (or 32 993 Rub. per sq. m.).


As of today the tenants are: Swiss logistical company Kuehne + Nagel and Russian retailer "Perekrestok": the agreements with them were concluded until 2015 and 2017 consequently.


The Company expects to get $5 850 000 profit per year.


The real estate is embarrassed by the credit of $20 150 000 with US Libor rate plus 6.5%, repayment period ends in 2021.


SOLD-ONLINE opinion on the deal:

The credit is inside the deal. The buyer paid $30 000 000 of live money.


Brief information of Sholokhovo warehouse complex:

Address: Moscow Region, Dmitrovskoe shosse 15 km. from Moscow Circle Motorway.

Total square: 70,300 sq. m.

Class: А

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Sales of warehouse terminals in PNK-Vnukovo keep on going


In July the  PNK Group sold another warehouse terminal under construction located in its industrial park. The Forteks Company purchased 25 223 sq.m. of squares.


This is the third deal at PNK-Vnukovo. In January and April 2012 PNK Group sold two warehouse terminals as well.

Based on these deals the value of sq. m. Is estimated at the level of 41 000 Rub.

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Banks keep purchasing offices at Nagatino i-Land Industrial Park


In July this year following Raiffaisenbank and UniCreditBank the Alfa-Bank purchased the 11-floors Pascal Business Center (total square 23 000 sq. m.) in Nagatino i-Land Industrial Park.     

SOLD-ONLINE comments on the value:

The deal value is estimated at the level of 100 000 Rub. per sq. m.  тыс. руб. закв.м. The opinion on the value is formed on the basis of the analysis of the deal on UniCreditBank purchasing  of squares at Nagatino i-Land Industrial Park.

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The St. Petersburg Property Foundation sold the facility for the price of 381 000 Rub. per sq. m.


On July 11 The St. Petersburg Property Foundation tendered and sold the built-in facility located at the address: St. Petersburg, Finsky Per., 9.

Square: 85.4 sq. m.

Most effective use: for commercial operation or service industry.

The sale value: 32 600 000 Rub. (381 700 Rub. persq. m.).


The initial value: 7 500 000 Rub.


One of the most expensive facilities sold in St. Petersburg.


In November 2011 35 100 000 Rub. (411 000 Rub. per sq. m.) were offered for this facility. But it looks like the winner did not conclude the purchase and sale agreement and the facility was tendered ONCE MORE.

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