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Информационный ресурс представляет систематизированную информацию о наиболее ликвидных объектах, реализуемых в ходе аукционных процедур и при прямой продаже.


Single lot of 78 Premises sold in Moscow


78 built-in non-residential premises owned by Moscow City Government were put  for auction. 


The lot was sold at the reserved price of 2.1 billion rubles. “Sberbank Capital” JSC won the auction. The premises were leased for a short period to “Sberbank of Russia”  


Premises floor area range: from 59 to 591 sq. m.;

Cost per 1 sq. m. range: from 86 520 to 284 309 rubles;

Highest and best use: Business purpose (services sector).


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal:


1. The Moscow government acts as a very rational property owner. The premises marketability differs, with some of them in basement and cannot be marketed as commercial premises complying with Sberbank requirements. 
Selling premises by two lots will enable the City to market efficiently the least liquid properties.


2. It takes no less five years to build this class of network (if it is possible at all Нwhen liquid properties are in deficit). When buying the networks, buyers pay 30% premium as compared to the market price of individual premises.


3. Our forecast on the buyer has proved to be true. Most probably, major purchased lots not complying with the buyer’s requirements will be put up for  sale as individual properties. 

Link to the map - http://www.sold-online.ru/deals/#/?card=5261&layer=gmap&freg ... date=44;44&mini_view=1&cs=utf8
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