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Sale of Building in Moscow for 5 000 Rubles/sq. m.


On August 27 the property of "TSERIT STROY" JSC was sold within the bankruptcy procedure.


The site of sale: Nonresidential building, total square 5 353.2 sq. m., located at the address: Moscow, Pr. Mira, 72, as well as 176 items of machinery and equipment.


The initial price – 586 300 000 Rubles (or 109 500 Rub. per sq. m. of the building).


2 applications for participation in the auction were submitted. One application for participation in the auction was rejected (the application did not meet the requirements).


Only one participant was approved for participation in the auction. This participant purchased the property for 29 300 000 Rubles (5 400  Rub. per sq. m. of the building).


SOLD-ONLINE comments:



The given site:

  • either has a number of encumbrances, which no one knows about;
  • or the given deal if not of market character.




The order of handling auctions:

The auction in the form of public offer gets started from the initial value, which is in force for 2 hours from the auction opening.

If there are no requests for the initial price, the initial price gets reduced for 10%, 20%, 40% every two hours.

The reduction rate for 60% is in force from 7.00 p. m. August 26, 2012 to 08.59 a. m. August. 27, 2012.

From 09.00 a. m. August 27, 2012 comes into force the hourly reduction of the initial price for 80%, 90%, 95%, and afterwards for 1% hourly until the value comes down to the cut-off price, which is 99% from the initial value.



The given deal value was counted at 5% from the initial offer’s value.

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