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“Super Siva” Shopping Center Sales in St. Petersburg


“Super Siva” Shopping Center, located at St. Petersburg, Savushkina St., 119, is bought in.


Transaction amount is estimated in the market at USD 10 million (34 000 rubles per sq. m.).


Before the sales period was rather thin for the Shopping Center, as due to the reconstruction and  construction works at a Western High-Speed Diameter  interchange (Savishkina St.) customer traffic decreased, and the number of customers reduced.


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal: 

The Shopping Center’s operation natural business operates naturally as follows: 




When the existing customer traffic fails is disrupted for some reason, the following sequence takes place:



Most probably,  a new owner will reconcept the Shopping Center to increase the revenues.



Brief information on the site:

Total area: 9 244.3 sq. m.;

Leasable area: 6 700 sq. m.;

Average rent rate at the Shopping Center: 1 000-1 100 rub. per 1 sq. m. a month if leased in small premises.


Link to the map - http://www.sold-online.ru/deals/#/?card=5093&layer=gmap&freg ... &gzoom=10&mini_view=1&cs=utf8
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