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Sale of ("Smile") Commercial Center in St. Petersburg


The deal on purchasing "Smile" Commercial Center located in Nevsky District of St. Petersburg is closed. 


The sale value was 510 000 000 Rub. (46 700 Rub. per sq. m.).


The new owner, NAI Becar Company plans to increase the site’s profitability within upcoming years and afterwards resell it to further investors.


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal:

1. Despite of its location in residential neighborhood the site has low attendance and consequently low profitability. The deal value reflects this aspect to the full extent. 


2.  The new owner is very likely to make total redesign of the Commercial Center.



Brief information on the Commercial Center:

Address: St. Petersburg, Pr. Bolshevikov, 27, Lit. А

Total square: 10 969.8 sq. m.

Floors: 3

Parking: 150 parking places.


  • Anchor: "Yulmart" and "О’Key" stores.
  • Other: bank branches, insurance and tourist companies, beauty salon, restaurants and cafes, others.
Link to the map - http://www.sold-online.ru/deals/#/?card=5092&layer=gmap&freg ... &gzoom=10&mini_view=1&cs=utf8
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