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The 100% Package of Shares of "Oktyabrskaya Hotel " LLC , Nizhniy Novgorod is Sold


On September 25, 2012 the auction on sale of 100% package of shares of "Oktyabrskaya Hotel" LLC took place.


The Company property includes:

  • The building of "Oktyabrskaya" Hotel, total square 4 594.3 sq. m.;
  • The land plot of the square of 1 600 sq. m., under the hotel building;
  • The land plot of the square of 578 sq. m. for area improvement.


The value of shares package was 306 000 000 Rubles. 8 pretenders participated in the sales auction.


SOLD-ONLINE comments on the deal:


Business is sold. On the basis of accounting documentation use it is impossible to extract the value of the real estate within the business.


The opinion on the deal value is formed on the basis of extended calculation via the profit. On the basis of the analysis of the results of comparable deals with Russian hotels, the price for the room in the hotel with equipment is 266 500 000 Rub. (58 000 Rub. per sq. m. or 3 300 000 Rub. per number).



Itemized cost calculation based on profit




Accounting balance data as of June 30, 2012:

  • Income from basic activity – 14,000,000 Rub.;
  • Otherincomes– 34,000,000 Rub.;
  • Incomefor6 months– 18,000,000 Rub.;
  • In recent 6 months the financial investments in the amount of 29,500,000 Rub were acquired to the balance.



Brief information on the hotel:

Address: Nizhni Novgorod, Verkhne-Volzhskaya Embankment, 9А(downtown Nizhni Novgorod, close to Kremlin);

Construction year: 1985, in 2005 all rooms were fully renovated;

Category: 3*

Number of rooms: 80, including 51 singles, 22 doubles, 6 luxury rooms and 1 suite;

Accommodation cost: from 3 200 Rub. to 19 000 Rub.

Link to the map - http://www.sold-online.ru/deals/#/?card=5161&layer=gmap&freg ... &gzoom=11&mini_view=1&cs=utf8
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