«SOLD-ONLINE» Project is designed by the group of professional appraisers at NEKSO LLC for staff members of real estate market, credit institutions, companies and banks top managers to help them in making rapid decisions in real estate sector.

The site contains systematically arranged information on actually completed deals throughout Russian Federation. Information is obtained from official and open sources with reference to the source.


For the amount
~1152869589468 Rub

A convenient way of 2-stage filtration “Selection within selection” allows to form the right opinion on the exact asset’s value and disclose trends in particular segment within two minutes.

More in-depth analysis needed for writing appraisal report, concept, or business plan can be performed on the basis of information obtained from primary sources on the deal.

Saving the selection in personal profile gives top management an opportunity to get ready for a meeting within several minutes and use the results as arguments for their decisions.

News contain major deals serving as value landmarks. Trends help in monitoring real estate market in the selected segment.

The database of deals in updated daily. It covers all regions of Russia. You can Order the special survey of the deals in the region and/or the segment not in the database.

The project is realized with assistance of the "Appraisal Professionals Community" self-regulating institution

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